The kingdom of Bhutan

The Best Holiday Destinations And Exotic Place In 2020

As we already know that 2019 has ended, and what we still remember about the best holiday destinations in 2019 is like Italy, France, India, and even the Netherlands. But those are the places that most people visit. In 2020 there will be many people who think that they will visit a holiday destination with few visitors. Below you will find some of the best holiday destinations in 2020.

1. The kingdom of Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan is a country that deserves to be the best holiday destination in 2020, because this country does have 0% carbon where the air is very healthy. In addition, this country also has a lot of culture and history that we can explore.

The kingdom of Bhutan
The kingdom of Bhutan

2. Milwaukee country

Wisconsin (United America) This city is one of the cities in Wisconsin in the United States. What’s special about this city is that it is often called a city of cultural attractions.

3. Salzburg (Austria)

City of Salzburg is one of the cities in Austria where the authenticity of the alpine mountain is still preserved. The alpine mountain is a cultural heritage site from UNESCO.

4. Tokyo (Japan)

2020 in Tokyo is the year that will be special, because in this city there will be Olympics in Tokyo as the host.

5. The republic of Nicaragua

This country actually had experienced riots in the political field which made the country not comfortable. But after it subsided and made a barrier. So the country is one of the cool countries to visit.

The republic of Nicaragua
The republic of Nicaragua

6. Istanbul (Turkey)

In 2020 there will be plans that Istanbul will host the Champions League. It was an event that would make people interested in visiting this city.

7. Jeju island (South of Korea)

Jeju Island is a very beautiful area in terms of culinary and natural beauty and has amazing waterfalls such as Jeonbang and Cheonjiyon Waterfall.

8. Tbilisi (Georgia)

Tbilisi is the capital of the Georgia country whose place is located at the end of the river turtle. Because in ancient times often spelled Turkish Tiflis, so now there are still those who call it that.

9. Edinburgh (Scotland)

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and is the second largest city in the city. The location of this city is in the eastern coastal regions of the central lowlands. And this city can also be said to be a special place.

Edinburgh (Scotland)
Edinburgh (Scotland)

10. Kraków (Poland)

Krakow is the best city to visit because of the history of this country. Because one of the attractions here is history that says that the Krakow was in the past was a kingdom.

11. Bilbao (Spain)

Bilbao City is a city of excellence in industry. So this city is indeed an industrial city which is very prioritizing welfare of its people. Such is the description of the best holiday destinations in 2020, which indeed the eleven places above would be suitable if you made the best holiday destination. So what are you waiting for, let’s take your family for a vacation.

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