Top 9 Mountains (Besides Everest) For Your Holiday Adventures

Top Tier List Mountains For Your Holiday Adventures


Standing on top feels like an achievement for some. To reach it, there are several tracks to conquer. With their own breath-taking scenery, these are the top 9 mountains that have unique tracks and routes to boost your adrenaline.

Hvannadalshnúkur Mountain

This is the highest point in Iceland. To conquer it, you need to experience glacier hiking. The routes are not so difficult, but you need to watch out for the crevasses. As you reach the peak, just like in heaven, all you can see is white. Yes, the snow.

Mont Blanc Mountain

Move to western Europe, Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the area. There are several routes available with different climb durations. Almost similar to Hvannadalshnúkur mountain, to climb Mont Blanc people need to pass through the snow with higher elevation.

Rinjani Mountain

Despite being one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia, Rinjani is still frequently visited by locals and tourists. With 4 hours of a walk of 4 kilometers trek, everyone could witness a changing-colors crater lake on the top of the mountain. Many visitors hike before dawn just to see the Rinjani sunrise.

Serra de Tramuntana Mountain

Located in Mallorca Island Spain, this mountain range lies as the border by the sea. There are many hiking tracks to bring you the enchanting sea view. Yet, the fun way to climb is by doing rock climbing.

Zenyatta Entrada Mountain

Unlike other mountains in this list, Zenyatta Entrada is a sandstone mountain. Its stones and soils look so red, especially in the sunset rays. Like Zenyatta Entrada Mountain, many people also do rock climbing in this mountain.

Fuji Mountain

Thousands of people summit the mighty Fuji every year. With just a 5 to 6 hours hike, hikers could watch the sea of clouds and Japan’s horizon. After or before hiking to the peak, people could enjoy skiing in the nearest resorts. Unlike the view from below, Fuji’s peak is not covered with snow and ice. Hence, the hike does not involve the glacier hike like Hvannadalshnúkur and Mont Blanc.

Machu Picchu Mountain

Though it has a similar name to the ancient village, Machu Picchu Mountain is not where the historic site takes place. Instead, the mountain that carries the site is Huayna Mountain. Yet, by hiking the Machu Picchu Mountain, you can the Machu Picchu site from a higher view as the mountain is higher than the Huayan mountain. As a bonus, the hikers also could enjoy the surrounding mountain range scenery.

Kilimanjaro Mountain

For the new climbers, Kilimanjaro is a beginners-friendly peak. Indeed, it is a hike, not a climb which mostly takes five up to eight days. Most hikers do not require oxygen, but hikers still need to be aware of their safety and body condition. During the hike, you could also stargaze in the night.

Kinabalu Mountain

To experience the real ‘climb’, Kinabalu might be the option. The summit of Borneo is built up by a granite dome that is amazingly steep. Though it can be conquered within hours, climbers need to be careful in climbing and taking steps as some granite stones are quite slippery.

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