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Top 4 List of Places that Best for Holiday Adventures

Here The Top Tier List Places That Best for Holiday Adventures

holiday adventures

Holiday adventures for those who are dreaming of adventurous holiday like the one in the movies, actually your dream will soon become true if you visit the places we have written here. You can choose places that will test your mental and physical strength or places that offer you once – in – a – lifetime experience because it simply has beautiful scenery that you will never forget.

Here are the best 7 places in the world that will give you the best experience for holiday adventures.

  1. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient city that is located in the Eastern Cordilera of southern Peru, Cuzco region. This place has been abandoned since the 15th century and set in a high Andes Mountains on a 7,970 feet mountain ridge. This place is a hidden capital known as the Lost City of Inca. People of Inca had escaped from this city in 15th century since Spanish conquistadors arrived.

It needs for about four days of hiking to get to the peak of this city with altitudes up to 4,200 meters. If you never visit this place before and don’t want to visit it alone, there are many organized tour available in this area. This tour often includes activities such as zip – lining and paddle – boarding along the way.

  1. Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China is surely one of the best places in the world that suitable for those who love to do holiday adventures. This wall is the longest wall in the world which offers awe-inspiring sight and stunning natural wonder. If you want to experience more adventurous thrill, you can run the great wall marathon since this is one of the most challenge marathons in the world.

Running the Great Wall marathon will include run pass through the lower valley then go to the neighboring villages. It includes more than five thousands of steps to complete the marathon challenge.

  1. Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

Wadi Rum desert is located in Aqaba, Jordan which covers more than 720 km squares of the area. The desert is located in the elevation of 1,750 m above the sea level. Despite this is a desert, but this place has many things to do and see like exploring the desert. Here, you can visit the lost city of Petra as well.

The lost city of Petra is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that has been used as the place to shoot the popular movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The desert is surrounded by red – sand which make this place very popular for its stunning sunsets. This place has some high peaks that you can hike such as Jabal Umm ad Dami which is the highest here.

  1. Azores

Azores are consisted of nine volcano islands that is located in the center of Atlantic Ocean. The nature is unspoiled since the location of these islands are so remote. Here, you can visit countless of waterfalls that need serious hiking skill to reach them. You can book one of the tour to go to Azores.

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