Unique Flores Island

The Unique Flores Island For Best Holiday Destination

Flores is an island that comes from the small Sundanese archipelago. You need to know that this Flores was originally named nusa nipa. Then how can the name change to Flores? That must be the question that arises. So when in the past this nusa nipa was colonized by Portuguese and in the end there were some things which of course were named in Portuguese, including the name of the island. The name of this island is named ‘cabo de flores’ or means flowery flower.

This article will discuss about the unique Flores Island for the best holiday, because it turns out there are many tourist areas that you can visit there. Here below are some of the tourist attractions you can visit, and you yourself can prove that this place can be the best holiday destination.

1. Kelimutu

Kelimutu is a volcano located in the district of Ende which is close to the city of Moni. This Kelimutu has 3 lakes of different colors. So the color is red, blue, and white. Local people believe that each of the lakes has different meanings. So like a blue lake that means a gathering place for young people who have died. The red lake means a gathering place for spirits who, during their lives, often practice witchcraft, and the latter is white which means a gathering place for old spirits. But despite that belief, this hemisphere has volcanic gas that can affect the color of the water in the mountain.


2. Labuan bajo

Labuan Bajo is actually a place that can not be missed when you want to go to Komodo Island. Labuan Bajo offers beautiful beaches. In addition, you can also enjoy judi online as well as the beauty of whale sharks that are passing there.

3. Cinca wulang

Cinca wulang is a waterfall or waterfall where you can get to this location by 45 minutes from Labuan Bajo. Then after that you have to walk for 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.

4. Pulau padar

Padar Island is a hill which has a very beautiful and charming view. You can reach this location with a 2 hour drive from Labuan Bajo and walk about 30 minutes to reach the summit.

Pulau padar
Pulau padar

5. Kampung bena

Kampung bena is a tourist village that introduces the life of the bejawa tribe from the house and environment of the village.

6. Larantuka

Larantuka is an island where they have the Easter holy festival. So this festival is usually called by the name Semana Santa where the end of this event is to walk around with a statue of the Virgin Mary. Even larantuka is often referred to as a Vatican in Indonesia.


7. Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is located on an island where the contents of the island are only natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. Such is the explanation of the unique Flores Island for the best holiday destination, so indeed there are so many tourist attractions that you can visit in Flores.

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