Gili Island

Visit The Best Holiday Destination In Gili Island

There are a lot of islands in Indonesia. In addition to many, this island in Indonesia also has its own characteristics. Therefore this article will discuss an island located in the eastern island of Madura which is located in Sumenep Regency. One of the islands which is often a tourist area is the Gili islands. As the title suggests, visit the best holiday destination in Gili Island. Gili Island is very suitable to be your vacation spot with family or friends. As an explanation of the Gili islands and therefore below there are a few islands that you need to know.

1. Gili labak island

The gili labak Island is located in the south of Madura Island and of course the Labak Gili Island is still part of the Sumenep Regency. Access to get to this island is by using a rented boat there. but it’s quite expensive if we do it for one person. Therefore you must go with your group so that the rent is not too expensive. The impression offered on this island is the beauty of the beach, which you certainly cannot find wherever you are. Besides beaches, you can also do snorkeling.

Gili labak island
Gili labak island

2. Gili iyang island

There is something special about Gili Iyang Island. So the dyke Iyang Island has 27% oxygen levels which are very making the longevity of the inhabitants of this island. On this island that you will also encounter are the Syarifah cave, the water cave, the hermit cave, and the masterpiece cave.

3. Gili Genteng Island

Gili Genteng Island is an island where many have interesting and beautiful photo spots. Gili Genteng Island is famous for its nine beaches which are very well suited when you are traveling and visiting this place.

4. King island

King Island is an island in Gili that is still in existence. This is funded by the lack of access to electricity to this island, because this island is still very original. Automatic flora and fauna in it is still good and beautiful. The island is also often turned off by its very attractive island shape. So the shape of the island of king island is like a crocodile.

King island
King island

5. Gili pandan island

This one island is a very unique island because this island is very possessed of extraordinary natural attractions, but this island has no inhabitants. So indeed if you want to go to this island then you have to prepare a tent or you only have one day on this island. Because you will not find an inn or anything that you can make a bed.

That’s the explanation from the visit of the best holiday destination in Gili Island which is indeed a place to be the best place for a vacation. Therefore you must now directly save and prepare to be able to go to the island. Do not let you miss your youth just at home. So this place deserves to be a holiday destination bet.

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