kunci mountain

Historical Tour Of Kunci Mountain For The Best Holiday Destination

The holiday period is a time that must be filled with useful things. The example is like visiting a historical place, or just refreshing the mind. In this article, we describe a tourist site that is very familiar with its historic tourism, namely the historical tour of the kunci mountain for the best holiday destination. This place is located in the city of Sumedang which is located not far from the city of Bandung in West Java province.

This place is actually not in accordance with its name, so this place is not a mountain, but only a hill in which there are historical sites from the Dutch era. But it has been once a page since 2004 where it became a forest park that was made a historic tourist attraction. Of course this can be the best holiday destination. This key mountain has an area of around 3.67 hectares.

Kunci Mountain

Kunci Mountain is a very inexpensive tourist spot. So you only need to pay 2000 IDR for children and 3000 IDR for adults. But in reality you will get an amazing historic holiday experience. So in the key mountain there is a cave. This cave is named Dutch cave. This Dutch cave has a symbol in the shape of a cross key at the top of the entrance. Then under the door there is an article stating that the cave was built in 1917. So it is indeed very dark if you do not carry lighting, but from that cave you can enter other buildings.

kunci mountain cave
kunci mountain cave

The condition of the cave is cold and humid, because there isn’t any ventilation inside. Also at the end of the cave there is a thick wall that is indeed covered by pine trees. Of course it will be your very pleasant vacation. In addition you can fill a vacation; you can learn the history of the building. Tourist attractions on the key mountains are not just caves. But there is also a play area for children and a place to play judi bola for adults.

General van Limburg Stirum

History says that this place was built by general van limburg stirum, whose building has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 2600 meters, so at first this hill was a Dutch fortress. The colonial goal of building this fort was to oversee the government from above. Therefore they made a fortress that was very high up to 3 floors. But during the Japanese occupation, there was a place that was said to be destroyed by the Japanese, and there was also a mention that the fort was destroyed by the Dutch themselves.


This Dutch relic building has a very high historical value, so it’s no wonder this place can be the best holiday destination for tourists who love historic sites.

Actually there are many historic sites from the Dutch era in West Java. It’s just that if mentioned one by one it will be too long and its history is different, because indeed every building must have its own history.

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